Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics January 2020


Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics January 2020

All participants from diverse regions of the world join together for an opening and closing live video call at the beginning and end of the 10 weeks, but are otherwise able to enter the online platform and complete one session per week on their own time (requiring approximately 3-4 hours per week).

Participants lead their own way through the training and are invited to engage with one another through an online discussion forum. Participants also support each other in a peer review process while drafting and planning a workshop. Facilitators provide support and guidance during the programme.

This programme provides a space for participants to:

  • Strengthen their knowledge and skills on leadership and sustainability.
  • Reflect on values necessary to implement sustainability from a broad, systemic and ethical vision.
  • Deepen and expand their consciousness as they examine their role in contributing to the common good.
  • Extend their network with inspiring, like-minded individuals who are implementing sustainability through ethics-based decision-making in their communities.
  • Equip themselves with insights and practical tools for leadership, sustainability and ethics in relation to the Earth Charter, which they can immediately apply in their communities.
  • Foster their confidence and courage to explore their larger role as a leader.