Integrating Climate Justice into Climate Action


Integrating Climate Justice into Climate Action

This flier explains what will be covered in this virtual webinar on integrating climate justice into climate action. It includes logos from the Youth Climate Institute, the Howard County Conservancy, NOAA, and MAEOE.

In this virtual webinar, educators will gain access to hands-on lessons on climate justice, learn about relevant professional learning opportunities, and explore tools for empowering student action projects.

Is your school a Green School? This webinar:

  • Supports teacher professional development in environmental education (Obj. 1.2.2)
  • Provides concrete ideas for student action (Obj. 2)

These resources were created in partnership with NOAA, the Howard County Public School System, and the Howard County Conservancy, and are provided to Youth Climate Institute chapter leaders along with live workshops and other learning packages on climate topics.

The Youth Climate Institute is an extracurricular, chapter-based program that provides national certification to high school students taking action against the climate crisis.