Climate + Change Online Course


Climate + Change Online Course

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The present climate and ecological emergencies can no longer be ignored, yet the social and political response to them does not match the scale and urgency of action required. A vague sense among Global Northerners that things are bad and that they will get much worse manifests as emotional paralysis, despair, and both active and passive denial. None of this helps the individual or mitigates the crises. Conversely, because of their current realities, many Global Southerners are acutely aware of climate consequences in the present and want to inform their actions and adaptations with a firm grip of the science and socio-political dynamics.

The course aims to illuminate the dark cloud in our minds called climate breakdown, by equipping learners with the scientific knowledge, emotional clarity, and practical know-how to contribute to timely transformative systemic change in all aspects of society.  

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the basics of climate science and explain how the present climate emergency is human-caused, and still human-mitigatable.

  • Understand what psychological barriers to action they may have been using to cope with the feelings that the climate emergency brings up, and how to process and overcome them.

  • Explain the role of inequality, colonialism, and our present global economic system in perpetuating the climate emergency.

  • Combine and transform the new knowledge into personal agency and collection action.

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