Climate and Young Children: Physical and Mental Health & Community


Climate and Young Children: Physical and Mental Health & Community

Climate and young children

Part Two: Physical and Mental Health & Community

Ensuring children, beginning before birth and continuing into the early years, are healthy and happy is a critical foundation for all that comes later. The impacts of climate change and environmental degradation have demonstrated negative effects on the health of children both physically and mentally. Come hear from those who are studying these impacts as well as those working on the frontlines and in programs with children as they share their thinking, explore connections, and chart paths forward.

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Moderator/Host: Philip Fisher, Director of the Stanford Center on Early Childhood


  • Anya Kamenetz, author, journalist, and advisor to the Aspen Institute and the Climate Mental Health Network
  • Lisa Patel, Executive Director for the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health
  • Jammie Albert, Program Manager for Early Childhood Success at the National League of Cities
  • Special virtual guest Mark Del Monte, CEO/Executive Vice President of the American Academy of Pediatrics