"Corporate America Adapts to Climate Change" with World Wildlife Fund and The Coca-Cola Company

Photo of a mountain forest range with white text in front of the photo that says, "Corporate America Adapts to Climate Change." On the right are the WWF and Coca-Cola logos

In episode 168 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons hosts David Kuhn and Ben Jordan. David is the lead for corporate resilience at World Wildlife Fund and Ben is the Senior Director of Packaging and Climate at The Coca-Cola Company. We discuss why engaging the corporate sector is so important to WWF and why the private sector will be so important for the emerging adaptation sector. We also discuss sustainability and its longer history with corporate America and how adaptation can complement the work that’s already been done in sustainability. You’ll also learn about an innovative project the two are working on together that will build climate resilience and protect water quality in Guatemala. This episode will ground you in the current state of affairs with climate adaptation and the business sector.  We cover a lot of ground in this podcast!