The Worldwide Teach-In Climate/Justice Oct. 6 Info Session

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The Worldwide Teach-In Climate/Justice

Help mobilize a million college, university and K-12 students, as well as community members and faith organizations. Register here for one of the Oct. 6 information sessions and learn how to easily engage hundreds of people from your campus or community in serious dialogue about climate solutions and justice in the transition. 

Climate impacts are accelerating, this summer bringing record-breaking heatwaves, droughts, fires and floods. At the same time, deployment of clean energy solutions like solar and wind is accelerating. Humanity is in a race to slow global warming.

The good news: we can still win. 

What can you do? For students, educators, and the faith community there is no time to delay: the moment is now to engage students and citizens in education about the climate crisis. On March 30, 2022, join the Worldwide Teach-in on Climate and Justice, targeting participation by a million students and community members across the planet. 

Through the Worldwide Teach-in, climate-concerned faculty, staff and students can focus their campuses, communities, and the world on the critical work we need to do to stabilize the climate and create a just and prosperous future.

See who is already signed up here. Plant a flag for your school or faith organization, and get your colleagues from all disciplines involved. Everyone can come to this project from their own expertise. Participation is easy, and we provide step by step directions on our website. 

Here’s how to start:

In addition to our October 6 Information Sessions, on Thursday September 30, we are also holding US regional organizing meetings: please register here to join with colleagues from your region. 

  • Northeast US: 10 AM EDT
  • Southeast US: 11 AM EDT
  • Central US: 1 PM CDT (2PM EDT)
  • Western US: 12 Noon PDT (3PM EDT)

Key links for the Worldwide Teach-in:

The WORLDWIDE TEACH-IN is a project of the Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College in New York, USA, in conjunction with global partners and the Open Society University Network. Sign up here to stay informed.

Please contact us with any questions: