The School Garden Curriculum: Discovering Science, Ecology, and Whole-Systems Thinking

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1 learning hour

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Thursday, April 28, 2022, 7:00pm

The School Garden Curriculum offers a unique and comprehensive framework, enabling students to grow their knowledge throughout the school year and build on it from kindergarten to eighth grade. From seasonal garden activities to inquiry projects and science-skill building, children will develop organic gardening solutions, a positive land ethic, systems thinking, and instincts for ecological stewardship. 

We are pleased to host author, Kaci Rae Christopher, to share more about this incredible resource, and share strategies to build and structure your own unique garden programming. Kaci Rae Christopher is an outdoor and garden educator. She is currently working with accessibility needs students and collaborating with high school teachers to extend gardening into their classrooms. 

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Duncan Whittick