Indigenous Resources for Educators and Learners

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White background graphic. The bottom half is a photo of hands holding a notebook. Top half has text that says, "Indigenous Resources for Educators and Learners With Indigenous Advisor Jenna Jasek"

Hours for Learning Activity:

1 learning hour

Date and Time:

Thursday, June 9, 2022, 7:00pm


Indigenous knowledge and perspectives are foundational to outdoor learning. Our Outdoor Learning Team has prioritized ensuring that partnerships with Indigenous organizations and advisors are key to our operations. This has resulted in some amazing Indigenous Learning Resources being made available. 

In this workshop, Jenna Jasek, Indigenous Advisor to The Outdoor Learning Store, will share her perspectives on some of her favourite Indigenous learning resources. Jenna is also the District Vice Principal of Indigenous Learning and Equity for Rocky Mountain School District No. 6. As an Indigenous person she is learning about her culture and loves learning about traditional teachings and knowledge of nature. She strives to provide students opportunities to explore, learn and immerse themselves in the outdoors and outdoor education.

Upon registration, registrants will receive a discount code by email to access all of the Indigenous Learning Resources available on The Outdoor Learning Store.

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Duncan Whittick