Green Teams in Faith Communities: Building youth & BIPOC leadership & partnerships


Date and Time:

Tuesday, July 5, 2022, 2:00pm


On Tuesday, July 5th at 2pmET, William H. Morris returns to the Climate Cafe Multifaith for a conversation about building Green Teams that support youth and BIPOC leadership and partnerships in faith communities. Many young people have left churches and faith communities behind, in part because faith institutions have not attended to the reality young people most acutely face—a hotter, harsher, less inhabitable world. Even as young people have left local churches and faith communities, those faith communities themselves are increasingly forced to grapple with the realities of the climate crisis—and realizing that they need their youth and BIPOC leadership to help them do it.

William H. Morris is a 26-year-old activist with leadership and organizing experience both inside and outside that local church & faith community context. Currently, he works with GreenFaith as a Faith Organizer, focusing on the People VS Fossil Fuels Campaign. (Scroll for Morris’s full bio.) And, he is a young person who has not yet left the local church—he is the founder and chair of the creation care committee at Faith United Methodist Church, in Torrance, CA.

On July 5th, William H. Morris will share wisdom, conversation, hints, helps, and his experience with building strength at the local level, engaging and supporting youth, and connecting faith communities to BIPOC leadership and partnerships.

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