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Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecosystems, Environmental Literacy, Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, Water

I am a nature lover. I enjoy taking hikes in the mountains and taking in the beauty of the natural world. I am life-long learner across all topics but especially in science-based topics. 

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My personal experience with environmental education comes from the informal side of education through naturalist and interpretive work. By using my  scientific education and knowledge I want to get others interested in the outdoors. My experience has been instructing high school students how to collect and identify benthic macroinvertebrates. I have also done education at public events such as with the Soil and Water Conservation District demonstrating to farmers and 4-H fair goers the importance of soil health and the effects of lawn fertilizers in the water system. Other work experience involves natural resource field work in water quality, botany, urban conservation, and land management for agencies such as university research, Bureau of Land Management, and Soil and Water Conservation Districts. 

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