On Site Presentations in Schools


On Site Presentations in Schools

My friend and colleague, Nicole Lantz of Sprout Educational Consulting, and I are currently undertaking some very interesting research about site based education program delivery in schools. We’re looking at in-school presentations, and trying to discover the critical success factors that will help ensure they resonate with students and teachers.

We want to learn things like: What are the predictors of success? What can organizations who deliver these events  do to make them more effective? How can they encourage teachers to prepare and follow up with their students about the learning opportunities in the event? What can we learn from and share with one another so all our programs are effective learning events?

I am contacting you to ask if you could provide input based on your experiences and expertise. All the input will be collected and summarized for us to consider. If you can take the time and complete this short survey, we will gladly share the summarized outcomes with you.

Here is the link. We would be thrilled if you could participate.


Please send it along to your colleagues as well, as we are trying to collect as many perspectives as we can from different roles and regions. Any input you can give is greatly appreciated! If you’d like to call and talk to me about this project, please do. The more sharing of information for all of us, the better.

Susan susangesner@me.com