Seattle Children's PlayGarden Inclusion Lessons


Seattle Children's PlayGarden Inclusion Lessons

Two preschool kids one in a stroller play with a dog at nature-based inclusive preschool

Inclusion Lessons include:

Community Change Lessons

  • How to Talk to Kids about Disability
  • The Impact of Persistent Judgment 
  • What Parents of Children with Disabilities Wished the World Knew About Inclusion

Organizational Change Lessons

  • What is Supported Employment
  • Conducting a Program Assessment 
  • Part I. How to Identify Barriers to Inclusion
  • Part II. How to Categorize Types of Barriers 

Group Activities 

  • The Power of Repeat After Me Songs
  • How adults can help foster participation in group activities
  • What is the Just this much approach 
  • 8 Inclusion Strategies for Facilitating Group Games 
  • Countering Misconceptions about physical disabilities while gardening
  • How to Provide just the right amount of structure 
  • How to do art everyday with all kinds of kids  

Individual Support 

  • How to provide respectful physical support 
  • Everyone Communicates Differently
  • Gardening with kids with sensory sensitivities