Nature-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids (Print & Color)


Nature-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids (Print & Color)

 Square card with pink background that reads "Valentine, you're tree-mendous" with a photo of an Eastern Redbud Tree

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Celebrate love and friendship by sharing our nature-themed Valentine’s Day cards on social media ❤️ 

Want to get creative? Download punny, nature-themed Valentine’s Day cards that you can print, color, cut out, and give to your friends! 

♻️ Once you print and cut out your valentines, consider these ways to reuse your paper scraps: 

  • Shred it! Shredded paper can be used as padding to protect items while being shipped.
  • Get crafty and turn them into paper beads! Color your scraps and use this guide to make your own beads out of leftover paper. 
  • Save it to use as tinder for your next campfire. Practice fire safety with these tips
  • Compost it! To be compostable, paper cannot be wax-coated or contain plastic or oil. Smaller pieces break down faster! 

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