The Green Oasis


The Green Oasis

The Green Oasis is an Eco media promotion produced by from the work of the 19thC explorers. This free digital installation says it all. It can be displayed in schools, museums, public buildings, nature centers etc. Can you imagine The Green Oasis being projected at night on the white walls of monuments and buildings all over the world ?

These images are a rare display of Earth History, a flash of our collective unconscious. Like gems they cast a light from the past. They teach without words. They illuminate the fate of the future. RTR is where Art crosses the path of Science.

The Green Oasis is an introduction to Remember the Rainforest 1 and an invitation to study the Earth, not just for Earth Day, but everyday. 


RTR's extensive index features topics like oxygenation, plant formations and functions, wildlife habitats, and essays on Nature by the Father of  Ecology, Karl von Martius, expedition leader. Picture the awesome projects and reports that will be produced from the expedition index and the 10,000 downloadable images.

We want to translate RTR to most major languages in time for EDN's Earth Day Teach-in 2020. Show your support by projecting The Green Oasis in your space and download free posters for classrooms and libraries.

Thanks! Alberto and Carol Miranda Chor, Eco artists, Allentown PA