Green Careers for a Changing Climate


Green Careers for a Changing Climate

This documentary introduces students to Green STEM Careers as a solution to climate change. Your students will discover these careers through interviews with five green STEM professionals, learning the skills needed and possible pathways to a Green STEM Career.

The new 10-minute video is offered free courtesy of Climate Generation. Watch it here, and check out Climate Generation's letter to educators pasted below for more information!

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Climate Generation's Letter to Climate Change Educators

The school year is officially upon us, which means you’re planning lessons, learning names, and grading papers. And we’re here to help! We just launched our newest free resource, Green Careers for a Changing Climate, a short documentary and discussion guide to introduce your students to the importance of Green STEM Careers as a solution to climate change.

Green STEM careers (from solar and wind installers to environmental lawyers) require STEM competency and contribute to a low carbon economy. Green STEM career opportunities are rapidly increasing and our students need tangible opportunities that will prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow.

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Jenna Totz
Climate Change Education Manager
Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

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