Exhibit: "Tiger! Tiger!"


Exhibit: "Tiger! Tiger!"

Exhibit on tigers, engagement panel

Facilities may be able to host this exhibit for only the cost of shipping! (Courtesy of the Paly Foundation.)

This exhibit is available in two sizes and is made up of four panels printed on high-quality vinyl.  The large version includes stands.

The title panel (pictured) is 5x8 ft., while the remaining three are 5x5 ft.  (In the smaller version, panels are 3x5 ft and 3x3 ft.)  See our Facebook page for current and past installations: https://www.facebook.com/PalyFoundation/photos/(link is external)

Learning objectives include:

Tigers are amazing! Test your knowledge of tigers while learning some interesting facts.  Why do they have those stripes?  How are house cats similar to the world's largest cats?  Learn many "fun facts" about tigers.    

Tigers are important! As apex predators, tigers keep their habitats in balance.  This means lower levels of the food chain, including plants, depend on tigers.  Humans have relied on this balance for thousands of years, tigers are a part of their cultural heritage.

Endangered Species - The chief threats to tigers in the wild are loss of habitat and poaching.  Three subspecies of tigers are already extinct.  And only about 4,000 tigers are left in the world today.

Hope for tigers - Conservation efforts for saving tigers, in their natural habitats, are underway.  Learn about the innovative methods being implemented to make sure tigers continue to have a home in a balanced ecosystem.  Every person, regardless of age or location, can help save tigers!