Exhibit: "Diary of a Hammerhead"


Exhibit: "Diary of a Hammerhead"

Facilities may be able to host this exhibit for only the cost of shipping! (Courtesy of the Paly Foundation.)

This exhibit is available in two sizes and is made up of four panels printed on high-quality vinyl.  The larger size comes with stands.

The title panel (pictured) is 5x8 ft., while the remaining three are 5x5 ft.  (In the smaller version, panels are 3x5 ft and 3x3 ft.)  See our Facebook page for current and past installations: https://www.facebook.com/PalyFoundation/photos/(link is external)

Learning objectives include:

Biology of hammerhead sharks - Learn what makes hammerheads some of the most unusual fish around.  Sharks are "cartilaginous vertebrates". They have skeletons of cartilage rather than bone.  But don't be fooled, the anatomy of the hammerhead makes it an efficient predator. That's not all, hammerheads give birth to live "pups", exhibit some interesting social behaviors and even have a sixth sense.

Hammerhead sharks are important - Learn why ocean ecosystems all over the world depend on hammerheads and other sharks to thrive.  The disappearance of hammerheads causes disruption and endangers all levels of the food chain.

Dangers to hammerheads - The primary dangers to hammerheads are the demand for shark fin soup and bycatch.  How many sharks are we talking about?  Over 10,000 sharks are killed per hour around the world. 

Conservation efforts - Can sharks be saved?   Learn about the efforts of people dedicated to saving sharks as well as what "everyday people" can do to help.

An Educators Guide is available online to expand and explore topics covered by the exhibit.