Environmental Education in Latino Communities - Sharing Experiences (ebook)


Environmental Education in Latino Communities - Sharing Experiences (ebook)

As part of a greater effort to integrate the perspectives, vision and strengths of diverse communities in environmental leadership and stewardship, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through its National Training Program, EECapacity, supported the implementation of an online bilingual space for the dialogue and the exchange of ideas between educators and community leaders. This space encouraged the sharing of experiences and resources among formal and informal Latino educators, grassroots advocates and traditional environmental educators who are working with Latino communities in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. The moderators of the program, who are immigrants to the United States, were in charge of fostering and incentivizing this dialogue, are also the editors of this eBook.

Fifty participants openly collaborated in the online learning community to learn from one another, exchange ideas, and share their viewpoints, culminating in this eBook. During almost a year of dialogue, the learning community explored Latino-led initiatives as well as the many perspectives and experiences. They explored the work that many different types of organizations faced when implementing environmental education programs in Latino communities and learned about community efforts that go further than simply translating and adapting traditional EE materials.

Environmental Education in Latino Communities: Sharing Experiences is a collection of the exciting work taking place in Latino communities and aims to inspire environmental educators, institutions, and community leaders to develop activities and environmental education programs contextualized to the needs, resources, and objectives of the communities that they serve.

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