Educator Guides: TILclimate from MIT


Educator Guides: TILclimate from MIT

Illustration of a globe framed in a circle with text on the bottom that reads "Guide for Educators"

The short (10–15 minute), science-driven episodes of TILclimate can be used as a substitution for a lecture, a supplemental introduction to a unit, and more. Episodes of TILclimate and the associated educator guides are designed to further student understanding of multiple interlocking aspects of climate change, with a particular focus on solutions.

In each educator guide, you will find a series of activities that can be taught individually or all together, including:

  • One or more short introductory activities for group learning (10–25 minutes)
  • Data-driven deeper dives using trusted visualization and analysis tools (20–45 minutes)
  • Activities that invite students to think about how they would share their learning with family and friends
  • Teacher pages that provide setup instructions, discussion questions, background resources, a summary of relevant skills, standards and disciplinary core ideas, and adaptation suggestions for science, social science, and ELA teachers