Documentary: Regenerating Life


Documentary: Regenerating Life

Regenerating Life poster that shows an illustration of a group of people holding signs silhouetted against a blue-green gradient background

REGENERATING LIFE takes an ecological approach to unraveling the climate crisis. It offers a deeper look at the underlying causes of global warming, going beyond carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels to humankind's relentless destruction of nature in all corners of Earth. Because ultimately it is nature—the vast biodiversity that exists on our planet—that regulates and balances Earth's climate.

REGENERATING LIFE is divided into 3 parts:
1. Water Cools the Planet
2. Life Sustains the Climate
3. Small Farms Feed the World

The film explores how life regulates the climate through photosynthesis and the carbon cycle; the water cycle; the dung cycle; and a vast interconnected soil network of fungi, microorganisms, and plant roots. We visit people who are working on solutions. By working with nature, they are restoring forests, fields, wetlands, and oceans.  They are regenerating soils to grow healthy food and build healthy communities, pointing the way to long term solutions to the climate crisis.


Directed by John Feldman

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