Association of Minority Zoo Professionals


Association of Minority Zoo Professionals

The Association of Minority Zoo Professionals (AMZP) exists as a network of professionals currently working in exotic animal care and conservation disciplines focused on increasing minority representation throughout the zoo industry. AMZP strives to build relationships amongst minorities presently in the field and to increase minority representation in all disciplines and at all levels in zoos, aquariums and exotic wildlife facilities. The association does this by offering outreach, mentoring and professional development resources to people of diverse ethnic and racial heritages interested in this career path.

AMZP has two primary objectives:

  • To build a sense of community amongst minorities currently working in the zoo field.
  • To promote animal care and conservation careers as viable options for interested minorities.

To achieve these objectives, AMZP focuses on four core goals: networking, outreach, mentoring, professional development.

Learn more about AMZP and apply to be a member: Association of Minority Zoo Professionals (