AquaOptimism Online Learning Platform


AquaOptimism Online Learning Platform

The Ocean Foundation and TMA BlueTech are pleased to announce the launch of AquaOptimism, a new, integrated, online learning platform designed to inspire young minds and promote stewardship of ocean and freshwater resources. 

AquaOptimism’s online learning platform promotes awareness, education, and hope about the resource that makes our planet special: water! The K-12 curricular units develop an awareness of and stewardship of ocean and freshwater resources through thoughtful design and transformational practices. The entire curriculum is designed with today’s educators and students – and our shared Blue Future – in mind.  

The AquaOptimism K-12 curriculum was designed by a team of professional educators to encourage and support students in developing literacy, scientific inquiry, and critical thinking skills, with BlueTech career awareness, Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and UN Sustainable Development Goals woven throughout. Through thoughtful design and transformational practices, each AquaOptimism educational unit contains eight interdisciplinary modules that are particularly attuned to the need for science to be active, collaborative, and connected. 

Learn more on the AquaOptimism website.

For additional information, to discuss partnership opportunities, or to explore how AquaOptimism can complement your existing in-class programming, please contact