2023 NGO and Foundation Transparency Report Card


2023 NGO and Foundation Transparency Report Card

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Green 2.0 has just released its 2023 NGO and Foundation Transparency Report Card. Visit https://bit.ly/ReportCard23 to access the full report and the details of how it was created. Takeaways, you ask?

This report, focusing on nonprofits and foundations in the environmental sector, reveals that:

  1. Entire racial and ethnic groups are missing from leadership at environmental foundations.
  2. There are no nonbinary, agender, Two-Spirit, or gender-fluid people leading environmental NGOs.
  3. Only 3.1% of staff at environmental NGOs reported having a disability.
  4. Progress on diversity within the environmental movement has lost momentum. The Transparency Report Card 2023 shows no year-over-year growth in people of color as senior staff or on boards at environmental NGOs.

Realizing a more sustainable and healthier environment can only succeed if everyone is included in the solutions. Read the full report, including additional metrics, recommendations, and insights into the current state of environmental NGO's and foundations at https://bit.ly/ReportCard23