Youth4Climate Solutions


Youth4Climate Solutions

Calling all young climate change-makers: Do you want to make a real impact on the climate crisis? Follow these instructions and submit your #Youth4Climate solutions for a chance to receive invaluable mentorship and funding for your project. Choose one of four thematic areas – Urban Sustainability, Food, Agriculture, Education, or Energy – to tackle with your proposal.

Recognize the ability and creativity of young people and youth organizations/networks and boost direct support to implement innovative solutions addressing the climate emergency.

The solutions are characterized by clear, quantifiable, and monitorable objectives and a commitment to combining different disciplines in an innovative way or finding synergies between existing programs and funds. These solutions may in turn galvanize additional projects at the regional, national, and local scales.

Urban Sustainability 

Half of humanity lives in urban settings, which is projected to rise to two-thirds by 2050. Urban resilience – the ability of city dwellers to withstand economic, social, health, environmental, disaster, and climate-related risks – has acquired renewed urgency and has become central to the sustainable development discourse. Within this context, young people represent a drive for change, and the call for solutions will challenge them to provide ideas on improving urban resilience to climate change's effects in cities and urban settlements.