The People's Eco Challenge


The People's Eco Challenge

From the Eco-Challenge website: 

The People's Ecochallenge is a 21-day environmental and social engagement program. From October 2 - October 23, 2019, you select or create actions that align with your individual values and make a 21-day commitment to complete those actions, all the while practicing and reinforcing good habits. For every completed action, you earn points and create impact. Your points contribute to your team's total points, and your impact contributes to our collective impact.

The People's Ecochallenge harmonizes individual and collective action, camaraderie, and friendly competition all for a better shared future. Over 100 actions within nine Challenge categories encourage you to think about and act on proven solutions, connecting the dots between your values and your action.

EcoChallenge is free to join and everyone is welcome. Join an existing team, create a new one, or join the global Community team.