Mission Patagonia 2024


Mission Patagonia 2024

A flyer with three pictures, one of moutains and sky framed by trees, one of a humbpack whale tale emerging from the water, and one of people exploring through a rainforest. The bottom includes logos for AUI, Mission Patagonia 2023, and Fundacion MERI

Apply today: http://bit.ly/3qrU3ST

Mission Patagonia offers a unique experience in one of the most remote places on the planet. Co-hosted by Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI) and Fundacion MERI, Mission Patagonia takes a selected cohort of environmental educators, communicators, and advocates on an expedition to the immersive Melimoyu Elemental Reserve in Chile, a pristine natural laboratory surrounded by volcanoes, fjords, cetaceans, blue whales, and other unique resources. Participants will explore effective conservation of strategic marine and terrestrial ecosystems, learn what it means to care for fragile ecosystems and preserve biodiversity, and learn how to share their experiences to make a lasting impact within their communities.

Application submissions are open for an extended deadline of Jan 14, 2024.