GCSE 2022 Annual Conference


GCSE 2022 Annual Conference

GCSE 2022 Annual Conference

Biodiversity, Conservation Science, and Climate Change

June 21-24, 2022 | VIRTUAL

The GCSE 2022 Annual Conference will explore the complex interactions between biodiversity and climate change, and how these complexities factor into conservation strategies to protect global biodiversity. Read the full Conference Vision Statement.​

GCSE 2022 will highlight success stories in conservation that should help guide us toward sustainable socio-economic development and finding more general science- and evidence-based solutions to conservation challenges. The conference will address the fact that conservation strategies are also inherently socio-political and economic, and their success depends upon forging partnerships with Indigenous peoples and local communities most impacted by biodiversity and its loss; besides other factors listed below. 

Equally important, GCSE 2022 will address the North-South divide in priorities for conserving biodiversity while simultaneously addressing global climate change, set both in the short-term context of the COVID pandemic and in longer time-frames - the next decade and beyond.​

The most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) makes it abundantly clear that humanity is rapidly running out of time to confront the climate crisis before runaway, positive-feedback global warming makes conserving global biodiversity much harder—if not impossible. In celebrating the scientific and public policy work of conservation biologists, a central objective of the conference is to identify practical ways to accelerate the pursuit and implementation of actionable climate solutions that protect life on earth and ensure a sustainable and resilient future for humanity itself.

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