Teach Climate Network Workshop: Bringing Climate Storytelling into the Classroom


Teach Climate Network Workshop: Bringing Climate Storytelling into the Classroom

Cassandra Ceballos - Bringing climate storytelling into the classroom

What are climate stories?

How can they be useful tools for teaching about climate change?

What else can we learn through personal climate storytelling?

Explore these questions and more in the interactive workshop, "bringing climate storytelling into the classroom." Educators will also have an opportunity to connect with one another, share their own experiences about talking about climate change, and walk away with some practical resources and next steps for bringing climate storytelling to their students.

Join Climate Generation's Talk Climate Manager, Cassandra Ceballos as she shares tips and activities on communicating the science, stories, and solutions around climate change.

Cassandra serves as Talk Climate Manager for Climate Generation, overseeing community-based programing and climate justice storytelling. To the role, Cassandra brings years of expertise in multisolving through her work first at Climate Interactive and then at the Multisolving Institute. Multisolving emphasizes thoughtful climate solutions that use one investment of resources to tackle multiple problems at once while also increasing equity. Born and raised on the island of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands, Cassandra is passionate about advocating for justice and equity within and across the environmental field. Cassandra lives with a cat, Nutmeg, in the Mid-Atlantic and enjoys local music, reading, stand-up comedy, and birdwatching.

The workshop will be from 1:00–2:00pm CT.

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