Leading Beyond Green International Leadership Institute


Leading Beyond Green International Leadership Institute

Picture of some participants from 2023 enjoying a peaceful paddle on the Saco River.

For K–12 leaders looking to take districts and schools to the next level in climate action—Leading Beyond Green will be exploring regenerative practices through a professional development workshop, think-tank, and collaborative networking opportunity for the greater green schools community made complete with delicious food and restorative time at the beautiful River Bend Farm in Saco, Maine, July 9–12, 2024.

Leading Beyond Green aspires to:

  • Catalyze bold, high-impact, whole-school and district-wide climate (+ nature) action plans
  • Build possibilities for curriculum and policy development focused on regenerative learning & practice
  • Design a Regenerative Schools Learning Network & Community of Practice

Leading Beyond Green embraces regenerative learning & practice:

  • As the evolution of green schools that goes beyond “green” & “sustainable” & “resilient”
  • As a whole-systems approach to school operations, curriculum, and community
  • As an approach to living & learning for the benefit of both people and the planet

Leaders, Keynote, and Speakers include:

By the end of the week, participants will have: 

  • New frameworks and concepts to apply to climate action projects from a systems perspective in schools and districts.
  • Practical ideas to lead greater climate action in their schools and districts across strategy, culture, curriculum and program, buildings and grounds, policies and practices.  
  • Identified key practices, behaviours, and metrics that could indicate schools are being regenerative in their approach.
  • New inspiration for their work.
  • New connections to an active international Community of Practice / Professional Learning Network.