"Healthy Classroom Talk" - Using Deliberation in the Classroom


"Healthy Classroom Talk" - Using Deliberation in the Classroom

From Stacie Molnar-Main - Shared through the National Issues Forums Institute

This webinar, produced as part of the Pennsylvania School Heath Spotlights series, is designed to introduce teachers to promising practices that reinforce healthy and safe school climates. In particular, it focuses on deliberation as a classroom strategy. The presenters discuss the why's and what's of using deliberation in the classroom.

Pennsylvania teachers who watch the webinar can earn credit toward their continued certification.  

Here is the link to register.  If someone is not a Pennsylvania teacher or does not need Pennsylvania educator credit, they can just write 11111 if prompted for an ID number.  In this way, anyone can enjoy the session. 

Donnan Stoicovy and Lori McGarry presented the webinar.