Environmental, Climate & Reproductive Health Film & Webinar Series


Environmental, Climate & Reproductive Health Film & Webinar Series

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The Center will host an environmental, climate and reproductive health film and webinar series every Thursday this fall beginning Oct. 5. The series will explore how our extractive economy harms the health of people and the planet.

Film dates and times:

  • A Silent Transformationfilm viewing Oct. 5–Oct. 12; webinar Oct. 12. The modern economy increasingly denies people basic amenities for a decent life. This documentary shows how the co-operative model is as critical as ever.
  • Children of the Vine film viewing Oct. 12–Oct. 19; webinar Oct. 19. This film is an unsettling investigation into the controversial herbicide Roundup and its impact on public health.
  • We the Guinea Pigs film viewing Oct. 19–Oct. 26; webinar Oct. 26. As plastic has become increasingly common in our lives, this film finds there is also a rise in the number of diseases and disorders, from breast cancer to sperm quality.
  • The Climate Baby Dilemmafilm viewing Oct. 26–Nov. 2; webinar Nov. 2. This invite-only, preview screening of The Climate Baby Dilemma presented by the Center explores the growing number of Gen-Z and millennials who are refusing to bring a child into an increasingly unstable world due to climate change or struggling with the question of whether they should.

Watch each film for free at your convenience for a week before each webinar on Thursdays at 4 PM PT/ 7 PM ET where there will be a live discussion and Q&A with people from the film, frontline communities, subject matter experts and Center staff.

Registration (https://bit.ly/EH-RHfilms2023) is required to view the films and attend the webinars. Certificates of attendance will be provided to send to various continuing education credentialing bodies.