Early Childhood Investigations Webinars


Early Childhood Investigations Webinars

Young children peek behind a tree during autumn

Access to professional development opportunities is a difficult issue in the field of education.  The means and times to get a true, immersive and meaningful professional development opportunity is difficult to come by. 

Early Childhood Investigations is a great resource that provides webinars at no cost (thanks to sponsors). They state their "goal is to offer professional development opportunities that transcend the obstacles of distance, time, and money by offering conference-quality early childhood webinars. We want to spark discussion in the early education community, and engage and motivate directors and teachers." So take advantage and get your learn on!


October 26: Anxiety in Preschool Children: Identifying and supporting anxious young learners, by Dr. Sarah Taylor Vanover

November 1: Program Endurance: 3 Keys to Retaining Staff & Families, by Beth Cannon

November 8: Gift Books for Preschool Children (And the People Who Care For Them) From 3 Rockstar Librarians, by Betsy Bird, Martha Meyer and Bridget Petrites

November 9: Growing Leaders from Within – Nurturing Future Leaders for Organizational Excellence, by Jamarrion Tabor

November 29: Healing Play Strategies for Preschool Children Who Have Experienced Adversity, by Steve Gross, MSW

December 6: Overcoming Burnout in the ECE Workplace, by Ellen M. Drolette


I've been to so many of these that are great! They also have an archive of the recordings which is handy.