Uncovering student ideas in earth and environmental science: 32 new formative assessment probes

Pro Pick!
  • Fairness and accuracy
  • Depth
  • Instructional soundness
  • Usability

Probes meant to help uncover students’ ideas are the focus for the series of books Page Keeley and Laura Tucker wrote. This book particularly addresses ideas in environmental science and earth science, including topics like the following: What is a watershed; Are they talking about climate or weather; Groundwater; Is natural better; and The greenhouse effect. This is a great hook in class to understand what your students think about a subject. This series can be used as formative assessment at the beginning and end of a unit. Even though the book is intended for K-12 audiences, I have used these with my future teachers to better understand their thinking on topics. Adult learners can benefit from examining their own metacognition. The probe, “Is a chrysalis alive?” in this series of books prompted much discussion between my adult students and family members.

This book series can be used to dig deeper into what students understand and still have misconceptions about in science.  It is a excellent way to start conversations about science topics to help guide educators in teaching.

Learn more and access the book here: https://www.nsta.org/store/product_detail.aspx?id=10.2505/9781938946479