Creating a Vibrant Neighborhood in the Urban Core: Cathedral District


The Cathedral District, located in the urban core of Jacksonville, Florida is adjacent to the downtown business district. It offers a unique energy and atmosphere. Currently the residential population is less than 2,000 and there are few businesses. The thirty-six square block area is anchored by five historic Christian churches whose leaders are as committed to the city’s needs as they are to their worshiping members. Over the past 30 years the churches have served disadvantaged populations and created nonprofit organizations to serve children, women, families, and the homeless. Cathedral District-Jacksonville, Inc. became a Florida nonprofit organization in 2016 to address community needs.

There are three distinct challenges related to development of the Cathedral District. Each challenge requires creative thinking. Prioritizing how to take the best steps forward is the primary objective for bringing people together for dialogue. To the degree Cathedral District Jacksonville, Inc. can make progress on each of the challenges, those who, live, work, worship and visit the area will benefit.

Challenge 1 Focus on Alternative Parking Strategies
Challenge 2 Create a Walkable Environment
Challenge 3 Rally Community Willpower