The Adventures of Jessica Jones & Sox and Grandpa


“These are the adventures of two loveable Jack Russell dogs called Jessica Jones and Sox, and their trusty companion, Grandpa.  They love going on adventures but this sometimes gets them into trouble.  How could that be?”

So begins this heart-warming tale of real-life love, friendship and adventure as Jessica Jones, Sox & Grandpa set out to explore the wonder of their world.

Learn about some of the unique plants and animals that live in Australia and the Aboriginal cultural practices that have nurtured them for thousands of years.  

Cheer and support Jessica Jones and Sox as they grapple with the dangers that lurk and learn valuable life lessons along the way.  Can Jessica Jones overcome her anxiety, can Sox-The-Not-So-Brave find courage, and can Grandpa be as wise and caring as he had hoped?

The first in a new humorous, educational, interactive series showing the value of loving and caring for your family, friends and the world around you.

This book will inspire you to venture out and build connections. An essential tonic for this technology driven age that will appeal to children and adults alike.

I have provided a free copy of the book in low resolution pdf format for educational use by educators.  Physical copies can be purchased through major online retailers or direct from author website.