What We Have Learned Since 2020: Understanding Our Students in the Here and Now


Date and Time:

Sunday, January 15, 2023, 1:00pm

What We Have Learned Since 2020:
Understanding Our Students in the Here and Now
Sunday, January 15, 2023, 1:00-3:30pm EST
enrollment is limited to 35 participants

“I have grown so much as a person and as an educator with CWI. Just being able to find ways to express fundamental humanness with a scaffolded and modeled approach was incredibly powerful. THANK YOU!”

Angelia Moore, Teacher, Co-Founder, THRIVE School

Who Should Attend
This workshop is an opportunity to learn, heal, and renew together. It is appropriate for K-20 educators and administrators at all grade levels and subject areas, as well as community based educators. CWI participants are diverse and inspired teachers and leaders, from schools large and small, rural and urban, independent and public. Participants will receive Professional Certificates.

Working Together to Make Time for Healing, Renewal, and Growth
Join us for an empowering learning experience as we move forward together into the new teaching year—acknowledging and understanding the challenges that we and our students face—while working together to create realistic and doable paths for student success. To succeed in the many roles we carry now, besides teaching, we need real support of the mind and heart—to remember together what we love about teaching. As educators, we must be very mindful of our own well being. Nationwide, massive teacher attrition rates and shortages are on the rise, leaving a heavy load and emotional toll on the teachers who remain within with our craft. Many teachers and administrators feel devalued now, while simultaneously being called on now to meet our students’ real issues of disconnection, isolation, and mental health. New teachers also need support from our most authentic ourselves to thrive.

This interactive virtual workshop, led by veteran educators and national leaders, will help us reflect on this new reality and model new approaches to our understanding of our students’ needs. We will unpack the layered impact of the last two years on students, from kindergarten through college. We will look at practical and pragmatic tools and strategies to support our students. As a community of practice, we will engage in vibrant group learning conversations among ourselves. We will dive into real strategies, that when implemented, will transform our classroom, schools and institutions so that we are able to support and sustain a student population that is being forever changed by contemporary events and realities. learn more

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