Moderator Endorsed: Guidelines for Excellence
Moderator Endorsed: Guidelines for Excellence
Raising Hands
Raising Hands

See you in Spokane!

Who is ready to see familiar faces, make new connections, and learn valuable information to bring back to your state and programs at the 2018 NAAEE Conference in Spokane??

Below is a rundown of all the great sessions that will focus on the Guidelines for Excellence during the NAAEE Conference in Spokane. As a reminder, you can search for all these sessions on the NAAEE Conference app, bookmark them, and set reminders so you don't miss them ( I want to especially highlight the eePRO Group meeting on Friday from 1-2pm. This will be a chance to meet the moderators for this group (myself, the fabulous Sarah Johnson, and the extraordinary Bora Simmons), talk about Guidelines updates, and what you would find useful on this online platform. As a reminder, if you received a Guidelines Scholarship for the conference, you are required to attend one Guidelines-related session and the Friday eePRO group meeting.

Roundtable: What’s in Your Community? Appreciative Inquiry & Asset Mapping (Spokane Convention Center, 206CD)

Updated and Revised – K-12 Environmental Education: Guidelines for Excellence (Spokane Convention Center, 401B)

An Introduction to Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence (Spokane Convention Center, 402B)

Roundtable: Stakeholders & Community Engagement: Key EE Connections (Spokane Convention Center, 206CD)

eePRO Group: Guidelines for Excellence (Spokane Convention Center, 401A)

A Conversation on Higher Education Accreditation (Spokane Convention Center,402B)

Safe travels and I look forward to meeting and seeing many of you very soon!


So good to connect with so many of you in Spokane last week. Nothing beats meeting people face to face and learning about all their great work. You all rock!

Sorry I'm going to miss Spokane. Look for my colleagues, Karen Rent and Audrey Eisenhauer.