Moderator Endorsed: K-12 EE
Moderator Endorsed: K-12 EE

Ecomasters: A Planet in Peril, Book One, Pathfinder

This middle-grade market action-adventure series opens with 13-year-old Coral, whose mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances when she was a toddler. Middle-grade content with a global focus on girl-child 'sheroes' are lacking in the market. These sheroes face tremendous obstacles at every turn, but learn to overcome greed, malice and unsustainable lifestyles working together – with boys, too – toward a goal of global understanding, the importance of citizenship and one sustainable humankind on Earth.

On this blistering day in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave in New York City, deeply held secrets of the past are revealed to Coral, breaking open the shell of her cloistered upper-class Manhattan reality. The mysterious truth behind her mother Sophia’s disappearance so many years ago is revealed, and time dissolves as if she’d vanished only yesterday. A neatly wrapped gift – left mysteriously at her doorstep – becomes the first clue in an ever unfolding, breathtaking global adventure. As the leader of the group – the ‘Pathfinder’ –  Coral’s quest to find her new teammates leads her to experience colorful cultural settings, dangers and opportunities to inspire others. Coral and her new teammates travel to some of the most remote corners of the world to fulfill their destiny.


Coral is a brilliant and courageous young woman who instinctively understands that her team of  ‘Ecomasters’ hold the key to the future of humankind on our planet…but she’s not always sure how to engage with her peers and has relatively little experience abroad, resulting in a series of lighthearted blunders and cultural snafus along the way. The challenges faced by Coral, Hope, Angoori and Phonepasit are similar to those faced by every reader. Today girls – and boys – all over the world have a deep, inner understanding of why they are here on Earth, but can use 'real-life' role models who make mistakes and get messy while getting the job done is key!