Patti Dugan-Henriksen

Patti Dugan-Henriksen

Middle School Science Teacher

Groveton High School


Roles at NAAEE

CEE-Change Fellow



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If you asked Patti (she/her) what energizes her, there’s no doubt she’d tell you her profession as a middle school teacher is very important to her. But, outside of work, a nice weekend cultivating her garden or relaxing at the beach are also dear. Patti holds years of experience in both formal and nonformal education settings and with a variety of age levels. Where would Patti travel? She’d go to Tibet!

Groveton Passion Projects

The Project
The funds from this mini-grant will be used to provide students with an introduction to civic engagement through two different organizations: The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) with a focus on climate and New Hampshire Fish and Game (NHGS) with a focus on watersheds. During the fall semester, 7th grade students from Groveton High School will investigate ways they can make a difference in their community and choose a passion project that they will implement in the spring. They may choose to work with the AMC or NHFG or choose another organization. Students will use the National Geographic GeoInquiry process as a framework for their work.


  1. At least 75% of 7th graders will participate in an introduction to civic engagement and environmental education with the AMC and/or NHFG during fall, 2021.
  2. Each 7th grade student will identify at least three possibilities for civic and environmental education projects by December, 2021.
  3. Each 7th grade student will work independently or as part of a small team to investigate, take action and communicate their results by June 1, 2022.
  4. Each team will identify and work with a team mentor during the project time frame.

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