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I am an informal environmental educator and a certified Interpretative guide with the National Association of Interpretation.  I recently obtained my North Carolina Environmental Education Certification in January 2024.  I currently prepare and present Smokey Bear programs as well as other environmental programs to children at local schools, non-profit organizations, nature centers, and local events.  I currently work for the USDA Forest Service as an HR Specialist; however, on a volunteer basis I provide educational programs to students visiting the local Ranger District.  Last year, my husband retired and we moved back to our home in Virginia.  After moving, I continued my environmental education requirements for my North Carolina certification since I was so close to completing.  I also plan to still visit North Carolina and volunteer for local events or at the National Forests' District Offices on a bi-annual basis.  Currently, I am pursuing my Virginia Environmental Education Certification so that when I plan to retire in two to three years, I can continue presenting environmental education programs to local schools, non-profit organizations, nature centers, and at local events in Virginia. 

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Here is a recent article on the North Carolina Environmental Educator Blog about the Community Partnership Project, I coordinated for my North Carolina Environmental Certification:

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