"Ode to NAAEE"—A Poem by Gabriela Mezeiová


"Ode to NAAEE"—A Poem by Gabriela Mezeiová

Humphrey Fellow Gabriela Mezeiová composed a poem about her time at NAAEE, supporting the work of our Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) team. Thank you for your dedication to environmental work, Gabi! Learn more about the GEEP programs around the world at thegeep.org

"Ode to NAAEE"

The North American Association

Has a hard-to-pronounce abbreviation.


I felt like a little working bee!

Focusing on environmental education

While ever-changing my location.

Absorbing, networking, learning

While Canadian forests are burning.

Changing education by educating for change

Isn’t life strange?

I learned sustainability in the U.S.

My life is honestly the best.

Living the N-double-A-double-E experience

Was a game-changing, very much needed professional essence

Once part of the family

Staying there forever

Dear Judy, Nina, Anne, everyone, and Emily

I will keep my professional affiliation together with you in my heart

And stay connected, brave, and clever.


—Gabriela Mezeiová

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