E-STEM for the Earth: Meet Eight Organizations Working to Protect Our Planet Through E-STEM


E-STEM for the Earth: Meet Eight Organizations Working to Protect Our Planet Through E-STEM

Meet eight organizations working to protect our planet through E-STEM! 

E-STEM engages students in meaningful, real-world environmental problem-solving that integrates science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). E-STEM is not only a philosophy of teaching that promotes interdisciplinary learning, but also inspires students to apply what they learn to help solve complex environmental issues. E-STEM skills are crucial for current and future generations of Earth's stewards.

These organizations are 2023 Pratt & Whitney E-STEM Awardees.

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Young people preparing substrate for the plant nursery

Asociación Territorios Vivos El Salvador, El Salvador

"One of the key focuses of our E-STEM project, Seeds for Forest Conservation, is to empower children and youth in forest restoration efforts and to help them understand its positive impact on the health of planet Earth." This project also educates about solid waste management, organic matter, and the impacts of single-use plastics. Learn more > 


Children in a classroom use VR headsets to learn about the ocean.

BLAKE (Sir Peter Blake Trust), New Zealand

BLAKE’s ocean education programme NZVR uses 360° videos shot beneath the surface of the ocean to educate students about marine ecosystems and the challenges they face. Each year the programme reaches 40,000 students across New Zealand. With support from NAAEE and Pratt & Whitney, BLAKE is now developing a climate change version of the programme, to provide schools with a powerful resource to deliver climate change education. Learn more >


Students working in the STEAM and Production Skills Lab

Deniz Temiz Derneği, Türkiye

The “Blue STEAM Wave Is In Beykoz” project teaches educators to develop their students' skills so that they can create marine-based STEAM solutions, combating plastic pollution and protecting the sea. This comprehensive project, which is in line with Goals 4, 6, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, aims at leaving a sustainable World for future generation. Learn more > 


An instructor helps students learning at their computers.

Europejska Fundacja Kosmiczna, Poland

Students learn how satellite data helps us understand and protect our planet better, allows us to manage Earth's water more sustainably, observe climate change, and respond early to undesirable events on a local and global scale.  Learn more >


Students engage with a circuit board.

Fablab Winam Foundation, Kenya

Fablab's Green Kit for E-STEM project is cultivating a generation of eco-conscious, hands-on innovators who learn and use skills to harness renewable energy and sustainable practices. Learn more >


A teacher presents to students.

People Protecting the Environment Foundation, Thailand

We education the general public—ranging from children to adults and monks—on environmental impacts from rice stump burning (and all other open-field crops burning) and provide alternative solutions. Learn more >


Exposure visit to Airport as part of Aviation and STEM education

United Community Nepal (UniCoN), Nepal

UniCoN offers sustainable practices training for young mothers, conservation education for students, and aviation education to enlighten communities about the environmental implications of air travel. Through their comprehensive efforts, they aim to mitigate the ecological impact of human activities and foster long-term environmental sustainability. Learn more > 


Students pose in front of a STEM workshop sign.

Webfala Digital Skills for all Initiative, Nigeria

Webfala introduces teachers and students to E-STEM and robotics, enabling them to develop innovative solutions for environmental challenges. Through the integration of technology and STEM education, Webfala aims to empower communities to address environmental issues effectively, contributing to a more sustainable future for planet Earth. Learn more >