“Drawdown” Charts a Brilliant Path Forward! Join us to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions in a friendly and fun competition!


“Drawdown” Charts a Brilliant Path Forward! Join us to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions in a friendly and fun competition!

It’s been overwhelming to read reports like the IPCC’s most recent one (Oct. 2018) – stating that at the present rate of CO2 emissions, we’ve only got about 12 years until we’ll reach 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels and experience more radical changes. Think about a future with even more extreme weather events, sea level rise, loss of biodiversity, etc..  

The good news is that a team of scientists has been working for the last few years to map out a path to success, the results are now available AND there’s a fun easy way to get involved in moving forward with this plan!

Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming was published recently -- see https://www.drawdown.org/  

Based on loads of scientific research and modeling, this book sets forth the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to roll back greenhouse gas emissions. The research revealed that humanity has the means and techniques at hand now to enable us to get out of our current mess; nothing new needs to be invented. While many more solutions are coming to accelerate the reductions, the list’s first 80 solutions are in place and actionable – they chart a clear path forward. Our task is to accelerate dissemination of the knowledge contained in Drawdown and implement what is possible as soon as possible.

At https://www.drawdown.org/solutions, you can see the solutions list. It is comprised primarily of “no regrets” solutions—actions that make sense to take regardless of their climate impact since they have intrinsic benefits to communities and economies. These initiatives improve lives, create jobs, restore the environment, enhance security, generate resilience, and advance human health.

For a quick overview of Drawdown, watch the 17 min. video at https://www.ted.com/talks/chad_frischmann_100_solutions_to_climate_change  Chad Frischmann, the principal architect of the 100 solutions to reverse global warming, explains the top 20 solutions and tells how he and a team of scientists researched and created the list.

***The second bit of exciting news is that folks like you and me are signing up NOW for the April 3 – 24, 2019 Drawdown Ecochallenge. Their website https://drawdown.ecochallenge.org/ makes it easy and fun to learn about, sign up, and join others in collective learning and action.  How about joining me in taking on this challenge and making a great leap forward in creating a healthy and just future where Earth’s biodiversity can thrive?   

We’re making it easy to join with NAAEE colleagues and make great progress this spring – check out the opportunities below see what else we’ve got lined up here --> 

The Climate Change Education eePRO group hosted a webinar in March featuring Sarah Duffer, who led the Spring 2018 winning EcoChallenge team. Watch the recorded webinar for her firsthand advice to help you get fired up and figure out who to involve and how to launch your team. 

You can also join team NAAEE to participate in the challenge (and encourage your students to join too!). Join here.


On April 24, the 2019 Drawdown EcoChallenge ended -- and the 1,054 teams (including the NAAEE Team) that participated saved about 344,704 pounds of CO2 !!! For me, that's an astounding measure of what a collective, concerted effort can accomplish in Drawing Down our impacts !

Join us at the NAAEE Conference in Lexington, KY in October to celebrate, learn more and experience this award-winning, engaging platform for reducing CO2 !!

I bought my copy of Drawdown recently and have been digging in, looking forward to the challenge! Great examples to be brought into the classroom as well! :)