Wayfinder Society's Student Hub for the Classroom


Wayfinder Society's Student Hub for the Classroom

Group of students at an environmental conference holding up a sign that says "Live a Plastic Free Life"

Algalita Marine Research and Education is an internationally known as the organization that started the movement to end plastic pollution nearly 30 years ago. We were the first to discover, and bring attention to, the swirling soup of plastic pollution in the Pacific – now known by many as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Since then, we’ve worked to revolutionize the plastic pollution conversation by building a web of connections between researchers, activists, industry leaders, educators, and young people across the globe. 

With three decades of plastic pollution research and education under their belt, Algalita recently launched Wayfinder Society for Environmental Education, an innovative, free online program empowering educators to effortlessly find expertly curated, fun, and interactive environmental education resources. Access real-world environmental movements, aligned with educational standards, and fuel a dynamic learning experience. 

As part of Wayfinder Society's ecosystem of services, the Student Hub is where students can complete actions made in partnership with movement leaders to foster a healthier future while earning community service hours, tracking progress, and prizes along the way! The Student Hub is an engaging tool educators can use to complement Wayfinder Society's lessons and other classroom resources. We believe that young people around the globe taking collective action, in their homes, communities, schools, and governments is a powerful force for change. This kind of community-based action is key to creating a sustainable and just transition toward a cleaner, safer future with less plastic.

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Hi Emily,

Thank you for sharing this excellent resource! I plan to use several of the lessons with my students to help them understand the enormous resources consumed to make plastic products and all of the environmental impacts. 

Best, Sheri 


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Hello Sheri,

We are so happy to hear that! Thank you for your work and and dedication to educating the next generation. Currently, we are preparing the next round of free toolkits to send to interested public school educators in the US. We are piloting a new toolkit, Investigate Microfibers Lab, and are currently looking for 10 educators to help pilot it in their classroom. Just in case you were interested!

Hi Emily... and Sheri, this is really terrific. I am going to share your link with earth Child Institute's global action classroom team and also with the teachers of my grandchildren. Tools like this take a big step forward in empowering kids and their teachers everywhere!  Big thumbs up.  All best, Donna