Teaching with i-Tree


Teaching with i-Tree


PLT’s Teaching with i-Tree unit contains three hands-on and fun activities that teachers can use in conjunction with i-Tree Design (https://design.itretools.org/) to stimulate students’ critical thinking and problem solving. The lesson plans include video tutorials and student worksheets. The activities provide a structured alignment to Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

Activity 1—Tree Benefits and Identification
Students identify trees using free apps and online tree guides. They discover the products we obtain from trees, how we depend on trees in our daily lives, and the value that trees provide to their community and the

Activity 2—Tree Value
Students identify, measure, and assess the health of trees. They calculate the dollar value and ecosystem services of the trees using i-Tree Design software and create an Ecosystem Services Guide for their study site.
They generate a tree improvement action plan and, if feasible, implement part or all of it.

Activity 3—Land Manager Role Play
Students are challenged to apply what they’ve learned as they role-play being land managers. They gain skills in communicating and presenting scientific information.They also learn about a variety of forest-related careers.

Students can combine the data they have gathered about trees on their school site with other investigations to develop a comprehensive plan to make their schools greener and healthier. Learn more at www.plt.org/

Teaching with i-Tree is currently available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Download PLT’s Teaching with i-Tree unit at www.plt.org/curriculum/teaching-with-itree/