Scientists' Reviews of Climate Change Articles


Scientists' Reviews of Climate Change Articles

Ever wonder what Scientist’s would say about a climate change article in a newspaper or other media outlet?

Here’s a resource that you may find useful whether you work with students in classrooms or community members.

At Climate Feedback, scientists post reviews of articles and set the record straight on misinformation coming from both those who deny or downplay the existence of climate change and associated risks and from those who exaggerate it. By clicking on each entry you can access the full article and the specific review + comments written by the scientists.

The full list of reviews is at:  You can also search for subsets -- for example, here is a list of media articles that scientists have called out for being overly alarmist: .

I can use this to get a scientist’s perspective of a specific article – and can also use it as a resource of exemplary reviews that learners can use as models before taking on the task of reviewing/critiquing an article of their own choosing.


If you are looking for some lessons with resources for teaching core knowledge about the science of climate change and exploring conflicting views and media messages in a way that integrates critical thinking skills, you may find this site useful: