Real-Time Arctic Weather and Ocean Science Expedition


Real-Time Arctic Weather and Ocean Science Expedition

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Join Sarah R. Johnson, environmental education specialist at Wild Rose Education and International Arctic Buoy Program PolarTREC educator from Carbondale, Colorado alongside her Arctic Ocean expedition in late March 2022 to learn how scientists collect weather, climate, and sea ice data amidst the frigid Arctic challenges.

She will share real-time updates from the March 27-April 8 IABP AK Spring 22 Deployment off the coast of Utqiaġvik, Alaska via the PolarTREC Virtual Base Camp, her blog Arctic Ruminations, and through a PolarConnect live-stream event on April 5th for community members, students, educators, and friends. Students of all ages and educators are encouraged to post questions and comments on the blogs and attend the PolarConnect live event.

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Collaborators include the International Arctic Buoy Programme, National Science Foundation, University of Washington Polar Science Center, Office of Naval Research International Cooperative Engagement Program for Polar Research (ICE-PPR), University of Maryland, ARCUS PolarTREC, Float Your Boat, and Wild Rose Education