Multisolving: Solving Problems While Protecting the Climate


Multisolving: Solving Problems While Protecting the Climate

A Message from Climate Interactive: 

Multisolving: creating a more livable world today AND preventing future climate change

We think that the biggest opportunities to win on climate change are also the biggest opportunities for public health, social justice and well-being. Strategies that improve health, equity, and resilience can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the climate. We call these strategies multisolving.

How We're Multisolving - And How You Can, Too

FLOWER: a tool for multisolving
If you're weighing options to make your community or workplace more green and sustainable, the FLOWER framework will help you diagram your options to find the ones that produce the most benefits. FLOWER has been used:

  • As an environmental education tool.
  • To help Bhutanese villagers design climate adaptation strategies.
  • As a part of community activism on climate change.
  • To plan green investments in Atlanta.

Check out these great examples of multisolving

Every week, we add new examples of multisolving from around the world to our online collection. Read a few and get inspired.

Multisolving infographics

Our work in Atlanta

We are working with the Partnership for Southern Equity in Atlanta, GA to design approaches to green infrastructure that benefit everyone, using systems thinking tools and a focus on equity. Read more about our project in Atlanta.

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