Kids' Grow Journal to Help Kids Get Off Screens and Back to Nature


Kids' Grow Journal to Help Kids Get Off Screens and Back to Nature

Hello! I am a gardening author and former Creative Services Director for Rodale/Runner's World, Organic Gardening, Women's Health and I recently launched a kids' grow journal. Here's a Link to product images and interior.

This journal is also available for custom-branded covers and partnerships and I'd love to join forces and share this resource with the eePRO community. 


I created the Homesweet Homegrown Kids' Grow Journal to encourage kids to get outside and help balance all of the screentime kids have had due to the pandemic–my son’s one classmate was averaging 9+ hours per day, and he was in 2nd grade! My son is reading three levels above his grade right now...and I credit this largely to our lack of iPads in the house. I wanted to help other kids find balance as well. So, over the pandemic, I was inspired to create this journal to create balance and help kids find the magic of nature every day through drawing, writing, gardening, and journaling.

Homesweet Homegrown Kids' Grow Journal 

  • A daily journal to log their personal victories, adventures, and goals. Undated so kids can start anytime!
  • Nature-based activities, inspirational quotes, and gratitude logs. 
  • Easy-to-use guides and worksheets to teach kids how to grow their own food, log their harvests, garden designs, favorite varieties, recipes, and more. 
  • DIY projects and activities to get kids outside, and discover the magic of gardening and nature! 

About Me

Robyn Jasko is a community garden starter, columnist, speaker, and the author of Homesweet Homegrown: How to Grow Make and Store Your Own Food No Matter Where You Live. Her work has appeared in Runner’s World, Organic Gardening, CNBC, Martha Stewart Living, and others. In 2013, she launched a national farm-to-bottle hot sauce company, founding one of the first Certified Organic chili pepper farms in the country. She loves gardening with her young son, Ajax, and her husband, Paul, at their homesweet home in Kutztown, PA. 


Thank you again for the opportunity to connect about my new kids' nature journal—I’d love to chat more and send you advance copies to check out!