Invasive-Wise Education Activities (Invasive Species Council of BC)


Invasive-Wise Education Activities (Invasive Species Council of BC)

Want to teach your students about the issue of invasive species but don't know where to start? The Invasive Species Council of British Columbia has developed fun and engaging activities and an education program that can guide you and your students in meaningful learning around invasive species.  The Invasive-Wise Education Activities are easy to follow, with background information, curriculum links, student pages to copy and share, extension ideas, and supporting resources.  Some activities can be done in class, then take it outdoors in the schoolyard or a nearby park. 

Invasive-Wise Education Activities are available at  and are searchable by Grade, Duration, Subject and other criteria. 

Teachers in British Columbia who sign up to join the program will be able to personally connect with an Education Facilitator who can help you plan and coordinate meaningful learning activities and stewardship projects with your learners and can engage with your students in virtual discussions or presentations.  Teachers who share their students' learning with us also receive a bonus set of free resources for their class.  

Students who learn about biodiversity and how to prevent the spread of invasive species feel more connected to place and community and are empowered to make a positive difference in the world.